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New Video Board & Foul Poles Coming to Globe Life Park

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ARLINGTON, TX — We’re 86 days away from the first pitch at Globe Life Park, and when fans walk in the gates to take in a Rangers game, there’s going to be some sweet new additions.

Yeah, for the longest time, fans sitting in the right field have been missing something: A video board! Well, the team is finally fixing that.

“The process has taken me personally about 20 years to try to get something done where folks in right field could see a replay or some of the other things that we do on the video board,” said Chuck Morgan, the Executive Vice President of Ballpark Entertainment and Productions, as well as the long-time PA man at the ballpark. “So now on Opening Day this year, all of the fans out in right field in the home run porch area, they’ll get a replay and get to see a main scoreboard for the first time.”

Well, a shiny new video board isn’t the only change. The park will also have brand new foul poles installed. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? Well, this is the first time they’ve ever been swapped out.

“I don’t know how many folks realize but the foul poles that have been here since the park opened were actually the foul poles from old Arlington Stadium," Morgan said. “After 40 plus years of use, we had to make a change and we’re gonna chop them up into pieces and fans will have a chance to get a portion of the foul poles!”

Yep, 100 bucks at the Rangers Fan Fest later this month will get you a slice of Rangers history.

So yeah, with a new video board, new foul poles -- not to mention the new entertainment complex going up around the ballpark soon -- rumors of the Rangers exodus from Arlington may be coming a little too soon.