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Chew on This: BB Bop Seoul Kitchen

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OAK CLIFF -– Soul food places may be a dime in dozen here in the south, but Korean Seoul food is a little harder to come by. One place that's doing it right is BB Bop Seoul Kitchen.

And now with three restaurants, the most recent now open in Oak Cliff, it's clear that others agree it's the real deal, Holyfield. But it wasn't just the up and coming scene that brought owner and chef Sandra Bussey to South Dallas.

"Greg and I, my husband, we actually live here,” Bussey said. “And we always actually looked for a building. And this building was actually perfect for us," Bussey said.

What's more perfect than that? Well, the food they're dishing out. Now, the menu is open to all but if you're a virgin to the Korean cuisine, Bussey has sort of system, if you will, of dishes to try so you're not too intimidated. One is the Old School Bop. A Bi Bim Bop, which is a Korean rice bowl - topped with pickled carrots, cabbage, spinach, zucchini, Seoul fire sauce and your choice of beef or chicken.

Chew on This: BB Bop Seoul Kitchen is known for their ‘Not Your Mama's Fried Chicken.’

"Korean fried chicken is famous because it's very, very light – but super crunchy,” Bussey said. “That one sells out pretty much everyday around 8 o'clock."

Hey, don't forget the glaze!

Some other yummy dishes include the Korean Glass Noodle, the Mandu Potstickers, the ‘Get In My Pork Belly,’ and the Kimchi Fries – topped with spicy sauce and an over easy egg!

And all the recipes have a family flair.

"So the Kimchi is my grandmother's and Potstickers are my mom's,” Bussey said.

One thing's for sure, BB Bop has got a lot of Seoul, man.