What Has Jerry Springer Been Up To?

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Pop quiz!

Which 71 yr-old son of Jewish refugees has a popular talk show that's been on for over a quarter century? If you said anyone besides Jerry Springer, you're wrong!

We all know and love him for his outrageous, chair-throwing, hair-pulling show, but did you know there's a lot more to Jerry Springer than weave-pulling?

Way back in the 1971, Jerry was elected to the Cincinnati City Council. However, in 1974, a police raid on a Kentucky massage parlor showed not only did Springer hire a prostitute, and not only did he pay her with a personal check, but the check bounced. To his credit Jerry admitted fault and resigned. Then, in 1975 he won his seat back and even served a year as mayor in 1977.

After his political career, Jerry focused on his work as a political reporter and commentator in Cincinnati, until September 30, 1991 when the world changed thanks to The Jerry Springer Show.

After just three years, the show changed focus to more tantalizing topics like transvestites, runaway teens and hate groups. With that, The Jerry Springer Show we all love was born.

Springer has not only been involved in his own show. Over the years, he's been on Rosanne, The X-Files, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Austin Powers, Married with Children and the Simpsons.  He was also the lead in the feature film Ringmaster! On top of all that, he was on Dancing with the Stars, WWE Raw and hosted two seasons of America's Got Talent.

So, yeah, he's keeping busy.

How much longer will he keep doing his show? Who knows, but our final thought is: we hope it's for a long, long time.