Liar, Liar? Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland Fired, Charged with Perjury

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The dashcam video shows Texas state Trooper Brian Encinia pulling Bland over July 10, 2015, for allegedly failing to use her turn signal. What started as normal conversation gets testy after Encinia asks her to put out her cigarette and Bland refuses to put it out and step out of her car.

Sandra Bland was pulled over July 10, 2015 in Waller County, Texas

WALLER COUNTY, Texas — From being called a liar to fired. That sums up Wednesday for the Texas State Trooper who arrested Sandra Bland last summer in Waller County. A grand jury indicted Brian Encinia on perjury charges. Then just hours later, DPS started termination proceedings to kick him off the force!

“The indictment was issued in reference to the reasoning he made about removing her from her vehicle,” explained special prosecutor Shawn McDonald.  “It was, specifically, that he in his probable cause affidavit stated that he removed her from the vehicle to further conduct a safer traffic investigation and the grand jury found that statement to be false.”

Three days after the arrest, Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell. Her death was ruled a suicide, but family members and protesters don’t buy that.

If convicted of aggravated perjury, Encinia faces up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

For Bland’s family, this indictment was the last stop on their road to justice.