Gun Store Owner Not Impressed by Obama’s Executive Action

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PLANO -- Will Tuesday's POTUS power play make a difference at gun stores?

NewsFix asked Ro Carter, who owns Mister Guns in Plano, to fire off his first impressions of the President's bullet points.

The first was closing the "gun show loophole" by making "anyone in the business of selling guns" conduct background checks on their customers.

"Background checks on guns already exist, in every situation," said Carter. "Even at gun shows; if you go to a gun show in Dallas or something, virtually everyone there is processing background checks.  I fail to see how it's going to have any real affect on anything," Carter said.

Carter's a bigger fan of number two: more government staffing to run those background checks 24/7.

"I mean, we get delays and it's a slow process," he said, "so it could help us."

How about three and four?

Obama requested half a billion dollars to help treat mental illness, and keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable.

He also ordered research into gun safety technology -- fingerprint scanners, GPS locators, and other stuff to keep guns from firing if they do end up in the wrong hands.

Neither of these seemed to impress Carter much.  "In theory, that sounds like a good thing," he said.  "Practically speaking, I don't know what kind of, you know, ripples it will cause."

At the end of the day, that was Carter's overall impression - not impressed.

"It's just more political feel good stuff," the store owner said.  "I think there are some issues that there's not a legislative solution to."