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Affluenza Teen’s Mom Won’t Fight Her Return to Texas

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LOS ANGELES -- Tuesday, it was affluenza mom Tonya Couch's turn to be in court. She appeared in an L.A. Superior courtroom behind a few railings that sure looked a lot like a jail cell.

Hey, Tonya oughta be used to the bars by now. She's spent every night in a jail cell since December 28 when she was arrested in Mexico with her son, Ethan. You remember Ethan Couch. He skipped probation after killing four people in a drunk driving crash. He's still in a detention center in Mexico City.

But the Mexican government already sent Tonya back to the States. Tuesday's hearing was all about getting Tonya home to Texas.

Once the judge confirmed Tonya wanted to give up any fight to avoid coming back to Tarrant County, he cleared the way to turn her road trip to Puerto Vallarta into a round trip, maybe as soon as this week.

When she gets back, she'll spend more time behind bars unless she comes up with a million bucks in bail.

As for Ethan Couch, the Mexican government's trying to deport him, too. But a judge ruled he can stay -- for now -- if he wants to keep fighting deportation.

Ya know, nobody ever accused Ethan Couch of making good decisions, like the decision to drive drunk or the decision to skip out on his probation.  But the choice to stay in a Mexican jail instead of a juvie joint close to home?

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