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Kids Head Back to Class After Tornado Destroyed School

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RED OAK, Texas -- The holiday break is over, but for some, the return to school comes with a twist. Kids arrived by the busload in Red Oak escaping the chaos and clean up they’ve been dealing with since the twisters hit after tornadoes destroyed Shields Elementary. They packed up and moved everything to another school that had been closed.

“The school over there was deemed unsafe for students and staff, and so quickly, we began to think -- where can we go? And this school was the perfect place for us, being vacant it allowed us to keep all of our students and staff together,” said Adi Bryant with Shields Elementary.

Meanwhile, kids in Rockwall ISD head back Wednesday.

“The main thing, right now, is getting my daughter back into school and, thankfully, I got a good friend that lives in Rockwall that is able to take my daughter in," Betty Peiffer explained. Her daughter goes to Rockwall High School. Their home was badly damaged and needs major renovations.

“We’re not able to live here for like six months to a year. I think it is so it's going to be a while before we are able to go back in," Peiffer said.

She knows  the start of the semester will be tough, but wants her daughter to focus on her studies, “She has questions about the house, what's going on? And it's like, you know, don't worry about that, dad and I got this.”

Meanwhile, Becca and her friend will be roomies for the next few months and expect the first day back to be a whirlwind.

“It’s going to  be a lot different because a lot of my friends have been affected by it, and they probably don't have a home to stay in right now,” high school Friend Madi Underwood said.

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