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Dallas’ Nelson the Goldendoodle Settles the Dogs & Pants Debate

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DALLAS -- So, there's no way the world could possibly end 2015 without starting up another debate. Yeah, it's the infamous dress debate part dos. But this time, it's the "dogs" wearing the pants.

No, seriously. People online are really asking:

It seems like it wouldn't take Scooby-Doo to figure this one out. But the viral meme in question started on Facebook then posted to Reddit, and has apparently became a "war-zone" on Twitter.

Some people think it's pretty obvious that the second pic is the correct way, while some wondered why it was a debate in the first place.

Well, we hit up Nelson the Goldendoodle, a popular pup here in Dallas, to settle this once and for all. Sure enough, he rocks his trousers on two legs.

"As you can see, with Nelson here, pants for a dog should be worn over the back legs. These are basically his hands, so if you had pants on every thing it would render him," his owner Genesis Lee explained.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this will all be left behind in 2015. But guess when it comes to these "social media debates" even a dog has its day.

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