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Hearts & Hunger: Muslim American Youth Help Fight Hunger in North Texas

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DALLAS – While most folks are thinking about popping bottles to ring in the New Year, one group of college students are packing boxes to help the hungry.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association – a.k.a. AMYA – are teaming up with the North Texas Food Bank to help feed those in need.

"The goal is to start a new year for the service to fellow North Texans,” Kamran Shakoor said. Shakoor is the president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. "Last year, we fed over $80,000 people. And we collected bags of donations. This year, our goal is to double that amount."

The Ahmadiyaa Muslim Youth Association is a nationwide organization. And while tensions are at an all-time high, AMYA is trying to use their service to ease animosity, and help change the outlook some folks have when it comes to Muslim Americans.

β€œReaching out to fellow citizens is a great way if they have any questions about Islam, or if they have any concerns, we're here to talk about that,” Shakoor said. "What we're essentially doing is following the practice of our faith -- following the teaching and example of Prophet Muhammad.

Here's hoping these acts of kindness not only have an impact on hunger but on hearts as well.

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