Texans Will Soon Need Passports for Domestic Flights

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DALLAS -- Let’s face it, sometimes traveling can be a pain in the butt -- especially flying. And for some states, including Texas, it's about to get a whole lot more complicated. Apparently, travelers will now need passports, not just driver’s licenses, even if they aren't leaving the country!


It's all a part of something called the Real ID Act, which is supposed to make getting U.S. identification more secure and to crackdown on criminals and terrorists.

Now lucky for some states, their licenses already comply with the Real ID standards. Unfortunately, Texas isn't one of them.

So what does that mean? Well, once the act is imposed, the Department of Homeland Security will alert passengers 120 days before it's enforced, giving them time to get a passport if they don't already have one.

So, it's not something to worry about just yet, especially since Texas has already been granted waiver extensions, meaning folks can fly without a passport until October 2016.

The DHS is supposed to announce any day now when the act will actually launch.

Until then, the same ol' same ol' airport travel worries – like luggage fees, delayed flights, and crying babies – aren't going anywhere.

But it wouldn't hurt to dust off your passport, just in case.

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