Rain, Storms Take Hold of North Texas

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DALLAS - "A little bit of everything." That's how someone could sum up the weather across the nation today in one sentence.

You've got snow and blizzard like conditions extending from Colorado to West Texas. There's flooding in parts of Alabama and Mississippi after those states experienced, in some parts, 10 inches of rain in one day. And the northeast is in the middle of a record breaking heatwave with temperatures ranging form 15-25 degrees above normal.

And then there's this: rain in North Texas. Appropriate that the last weekend of the year dumps even more rain in parts of the DFW area to add to the record total for the year. The rain is expected to continue through tomorrow, with the temperatures dropping dramatically overnight Sunday into Monday.

All this may add up to a nightmare-type scenario for people trying to get back home from their Christmas travels.

Maybe it's just mother nature's way of wishing all of us "happy holidays"