Proper Regifting and Returning Etiquette

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DALLAS – He saw when you were sleeping, knew when you were awake, but it’s possible Santa completely blew it.

So if you are thinking about a return, or passing that gift along to someone else, here are a few things to consider.

First, no matter what you may think of the gift, say thank you. The Emily Post Institute on Etiquette says it always pays to be pleasant.

As for regifting, it probably shouldn’t be your first option. But, they say, if you must, just make sure you don’t regift something that took time to make by hand, or to personalize.

For retail returns, read the fine print on a gift receipt so you know the return window. It may be 14 days, it may be 30, it may have no limit. And don’t destroy the original packaging! That should stay as intact as possible, especially for electronics.

One final note: you may not want to rush out to return the things you got right away. December 26th has become the second  busiest shopping day of the entire year.