Don’t Worry Be Appy: Best Apps for Awkward Family Moments

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DALLAS - Sometimes spending the holidays with the family can be just a bit awkward but hey, that`s what your smartphone is for right? There are nearly an endless amount of apps that you can use to occupy your time but what are some of the best ones to use to get away from the holiday madness for a few minutes?

Well why not take it back to a classic that can never get enough to eat with Pac-Man 256?

If that doesn`t work then try color therapy with the app Colorfy. Nothing like some OCD coloring to take your mind off your uncle getting too drunk... again.

But if video games and coloring just aren`t your thing then maybe a good ol’ binge session on HBO Now is what the doctor ordered. Nothing quite like seeing someone else struggle to down a special recipe.

But if all else fails you can broadcast your pain for the world to see with the app of the year, Periscope. Or just watch another feed because believe it or not, someone always has it worse than you.

Now get out there and ignore your family like you mean it.