Arlington Police Chief Gives Gift of Christmas Off to Young Officer

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ARLINGTON - They say crime doesn't take a vacation. Yeah, not even for Christmas.  Which means the folks who fight that crime don't get to take the day off either.

But in Arlington, one officer got to spend her holiday with family, thanks to Chief Will Johnson's Christmas tradition!

For the third year in a row, the chief is reporting for duty, and working a patrol shift so one of his officers doesn't have to.

"It's just a very small token of my deepest appreciation," Johnson explained.

So who's the luckiest among Arlington's finest?  Officer Tonia Crutcher.

Officer Crutcher won the Police Chief's 3rd Annual Patrol Holiday contest with a video about the "loves" in her life, which includes not only her daughter and husband, but her job as a police officer for the city of Arlington

"It just really clearly gave insight into her as a person," Chief Johnson said.

"I know my job is dangerous," she writes, "but I love the great city of Arlington, and I am proud to serve and protect my community."

In the video, Crutcher tells a story about her replacing a little boy's stolen bike, and buying two women dinner when they couldn't pay their bill. "Dinner is on me," she told them.

And now, Chief Johnson says "This shift is on me!"

"They sacrifice every weekend, every day, every other holiday, spending time away from their families," Johnson said of his younger officers. "So I don't think it's too much for me to sacrifice one day for them."

And thanks to Chief Johnson, it sure is a very merry Christmas at the Crutcher house.