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Texans to Spend Lots of Dough on Holiday Pup Gifts

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FORT WORTH -- He’s making a list and checking it twice, but what’s Santa Paws going to bring YOUR pet for Christmas?

According to Santa Dog index, Americans give their dog gifts more than any other country -- topping out with 71% of pup parents. Pup parents like the ones we found at Three Dog Bakery.

“I just adopted her, and she’s still a little puppy. She’s so excited, and it’s her first Christmas,” Delores Simmons said of her new puppy.  She was adopted "Sweetheart," but re-named "Noel" since she was adopted right before Christmas.

“I think our stocking cookies, as far as our treats, they’re personalized, they’re adorable, people love them, they come packaged with a cute little bow, they look great underneath the tree or in a stocking,” Christy Howard, Owner of Three Dog Bakery said.  “We do a lot of personalized bones and a lot of custom things for our customers. Our treats are our number 1 seller right now. We find that our customers, their dogs are not last, but they shop last for their dogs, so the next three days are going to be our craziest days.”

“I do a stocking stuffer, and I stuff it with a bunch of treats and goods,” Simmons explained. “A treat, a toy, a little cake.”

“Usually, I will get them something chewy, or a bone, something that can last forever because they destroy everything I give them,”  shopper Jesse Stolarczyk explained.

New Jersey was the highest, averaging about $30 on HOWLiday gifts, and Texas was 11th spending $24.47.

“Easily 100,” Stolarczyk said. “$100. Even maybe more than that.”

“Probably grand total about $150,” added Simmons.

The study says reasons ranged from expressing love, fun for the owner, the feeling of being included as a family member, giving the dog a moment of happiness, and feeling closer and bonding with the dog.

“They’re family. I love them to death, they’re family,” Stolarczyk said.

“They deserve it, they’re not pets. They are little humans, they are my babies, they just walk on their four legs,” Simmons smiled.

May your holidays bring glad tidings of wagging tails and dog biscuits!

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