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Ruff Life: Bisou is the New ‘Boss Lady’

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DALLAS -- Bisou’s origin is officially unknown. But she showed up with the tell tale markings of a car crash victim.

“We can only guess because no one was able to witness it,” says Holly Sampson, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive. “But, they were able see the injuries on her and see she had probably been hit.”

A broken leg, busted teeth: Bisou really checked all the hit and run boxes, but that wasn’t all that was wrong with her.

“She had whipworms, nuclear sclerosis, mild tartar on her teeth, crepitus and muscle atrophy in both back legs,” says Sampson. “She’s only six years old!”

Luckily, Bisou got to keep all of her legs and a nice foster stay with Gary Lewis completed her recovery.

“I just knew I had to go down and meet her and when I did I just fell in love with her,” says Lewis.

Bisou was supposed to be with Gary just “fur-now” but it turned out to be “fur-ever”

“I think they call it a ‘foster fail,’ but that's ok. She’s just a perfect member of my family,” says Lewis. “How can you say no to this face?”

Now at home with three brother dogs, Bisou isn’t slowed down by her age or hobbled from old injuries.

“She’s the oldest one and she runs the house,” says Lewis. “She is the boss.”

From car crash victim to Boss Lady, Bisou has made quite the turnaround.

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