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FAA Drone Registrations Begin

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FRISCO -- So, what's the hottest item this Christmas? Well, move over Tickle Me Elmo.

“We’ve sold tons of Christmas Drones, started last week,” said Irvin Villahermosa with Drones Plus.We’re talking drones.

We’re talking drones. Folks at Drones Plus in Frisco have been seeing drones fly off the shelves. In fact, some estimates say one million drones will be given for Christmas this year.

But with great drone power, comes great drone responsibility. The FAA  says if you’re one of the million flying fanatics getting a drone for Christmas, you should know the rules.

“When you get one of these aircraft, it's a lot of fun and we want people to have fun but we also want them to be safe,”  Lynn Lunsford with  the FAA said.

That’s right, as of December 21st, the Federal Aviation Administration is requiring owners of small unmanned aircraft systems half-a-pound and up to register their aircraft.

“The main problem that we're concerned about is having a small unmanned aircraft in the same vicinity as larger aircraft,” Lunsford said.

Yeah, there are more rules. You can't fly your drone within 5 miles of an airport or over 400 feet, but drone users say there are always those who break the rules.

“Bad people will think twice before they do this because all this regulation and all these rules will keep them from doing that,” Villahermosa said.

Registering your drone with the FAA costs $5. Staying off of the government's radar -- priceless.

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