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Controversial Dallas Safari Club Turns to ‘Darted’ Rhino Hunt

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DALLAS -- Since the beginning of hunting, the ultimate goal has been getting that elusive kill. But one organization famous for its exclusive hunts is looking to change that. For an upcoming hunt, the Dallas Safari Club is swapping bullets for darts, specifically tranquilizer darts.

It might sound odd, but it won't be the first time the club has auctioned off a dart expedition. The hunt will be for a South African white rhinoceros which isn't officially endangered, but the northern sub-species is near extinction.

The hunt will serve two purposes: it'll allow the hunter to get their precious photo with the rhino, plus it'll allow the rhino to get a medical checkup while tranquilized.

Ben Carter, Executive Director of Dallas Safari Club, says the option to use a dart gun is almost identical to a normal expedition, "The person that'll buy it will have the same experience of hunting a rhino, but the rhino won't be shot it'll just be shot with a dart."

This decision is sure to face less backlash than the $350,000 bid Dallas hunter Corey Knowlton paid to hunt and kill an endangered black rhino earlier this year or the hunt that had people crying foul after a Minnesota dentist killed the once adored lion named Cecil.

The auction for the dart hunt will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison convention center on January 7th. This is a situation that both animal lovers and hunters can count as a bullseye.

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