2016 Expected to be Hottest Year EVER!

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DALLAS — Unfortunately, for folks who love the holiday chill, it’s not that cold here this year in the DFW. In fact, 2015 is expected to end up the hottest year on record worldwide, topping last year’s record breaker.

And get this, 2016 is expected to get even hotter, according to the UK’s national weather service, the Met Office.

“They’re seeing 2015 is very warm. They’ve seen this longer term trend in the temperatures, so I think it’s just a natural thing to extrapolate it out,” explained Aaron Studwell, manager of weather operations with Wilkens Weather in Houston.

And then there’s El Niño.

Could all this be evidence of global warming? Studwell says no, “We see these longer term trends in temperature going back thousands of years. But to say, ‘Hey this is man-made and we need to dramatically affect what we’re doing as a world,’ I don’t think those are statements that (should) be tied together.”

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