Simon Brings You His Holiday Grab Bag

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Now that we’re in the holiday season, I thought about how many of you give me so many messages in the spirit of the season.

Like when I talked about what to do with Syrian Refugees. One of you sounded like the Grinch. "You’re an idiot.”

While another caller must be Santa. "Simon , loved your piece on the Syrian refugees…"

Other callers are getting spiritual this season when it comes to their take on why there are so many shootings lately. "There’s no fear of God or the criminal justice system."

The holiday season means all of us have wish lists -- look who’s at the top of one caller's naughty list. "I wish he would shut his mouth up and get out and let some clean air come in."

But the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without tradition and nothing says tradition like you regulars out there who call all the time.

Like The guy who makes noises. *pig sounds*

The guy who thinks everything is racial. "There are other races out there."

The guy who’s always buzzed. "All I want to do is get high."

And the guy who’s calls more than any of you. "I’m living in exile on Terry Street."

Well, wherever you live, I hope you have a great holiday. And remember, your feedback is…..

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