Plano Man Lights Up His House With Help From Superstore

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PLANO -- If you drive by 4540 Old Pond Drive in Plano this Christmas, you're guaranteed to see a spectacular light show! Lighting up your lawn is a holiday tradition in the Deerfield community where Scott Zephries lives.

"I've been doing this for 10 years. My parents actually passed away on the same day, but four years apart. And after my second parent left, which was my father, I really didn't want to celebrate Christmas at all," Zephries told Newsfix.

He took a hiatus from the holiday after his parents passed. But one day, he got a bright idea that has forever changed his entire outlook on Christmas.

"I'm going to put up so many lights that I can see mom and dad from Heaven and they can see these lights," he explained.

Zephries caught the holiday spirit and put up 104, 000 lights! Every year, it takes almost two-and-a-half months to decorate. His over-the-top house has become a fan favorite in the community. People even started to bring in toys and food to donate to local charities, like North Texas Food Bank and Toys for Tots.

But this year, the Grinch threw a wrench into Zephries plans to light up the neighborhood.

"This year was going to be really tough because my knees were giving out and so I can't get on the ladder anymore," Zephries said.

Twas a month before Christmas, At Home, a local home goods store, got the news and decided to help.

"They heard about it and said, 'Hey, we'll step up to the plate and we'll put up your lights we'll take them down and we will even pay your electricity bill,'" he added.

With thousands of lights, a simulcast, and a huge frosty in the front yard, Zephries electricity bill is over $800 a month. But, when the lights shine bright and the hustle and bustle of the holiday kicks in, Zephries remembers his parents and the real reason for the season.

"I wanted to make them proud," he said. "I wanted to be able to let them see these lights from heaven and I really believe that they can."

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