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Local School Warns Parents of Contagious Infection

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ROCKWALL -- Shigellosis is a highly contagious infection, and one student at Springer Elementary in Rockwall has come down with it.

It’s nothing to play around with.  The bacteria Shigella can cause a lot of problems from stomach cramps to fever.  Rockwall ISD was right on its tail Monday, calling for a top to bottom cleaning of the school and sending out a letter to parents ASAP, according to school officials.

The letter says the symptoms last about four days to a week and to call a doctor if you see any signs of the illness.

Parents we met Tuesday weren’t shaken up by Shigellosis.

“This is the first issue they’ve ever had and they’ve been going here for years now,” Amber Ramirez said.  Two of her children attend Springer Elementary.  “That’s what we were aware [of,] that only one child got it, so they’ve done what they need to make sure it hasn’t spread.”

Now the school is asking parents to keep a close eye on their kids, and to wash their hands.

“Definitely watching my kids because they’re prone to being sick, but I feel the school is doing what they need to do,” Ramirez added.

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