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Life Hack Alert! Most Americans Don’t Know About This TSA Trick

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DALLAS -- Whether you're crammed in coach or stripping down in front of a bunch of strangers, airplane travel can be a cloudy experience. But, there's a silver lining millions of Americans have no clue exists.

According to the Huffington Post, only 1.5 million of the 662.3 million fliers have signed up for the TSA pre-check. The program allows you to bypass long security lines and save time. You don't have to take your laptops or liquid out of your carry-on, and you can keep your jewelry, belts, and shoes on.

How's that for a life hack?!

Fliers who want to enroll in pre-check are told to complete an online application, pay an $85 fee (good for 5 years), and pass a background check. For some reward members,  TSA pre-check may be already included!

You might not be able to fly first class, but with pre-check, you can sail through security like a BOSS!

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