Tricked Out Firebird Turned Into Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

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BEDFORD -- David Petty's Pontiac Firebird hit 100,000 miles and he was wondering what to do with his car.

"I just decided, hey, let's turn it into a Star Wars car that's different," Petty said.

So, Petty grabbed a bunch of scrap metal, plastic, and trash to turn it into an X-Wing Starfighter.

"Everything on the car, for the most part, is scratch built," he said.

With some of the parts coming from Lowes, like the pair of blasters on both doors.

"Bought a bunch of pipes and started fitting them together."

And that's not all.  Petty added a special touch, "It's actually modeled in honor of the original Ralph McQuarrie X-Wings.  It's what blue squadron looks like."

The interior of the vehicle is just as impressive, but what stands out? The Android R2-KT, who co-pilots in the back of the vehicle just like you see in the films.

Now, some guys give him beef for picking a pink Android.

" I chose R2-KT because when I lived in North Carolina, I helped maintain this droid.  It was made for the Albin Johnson.  His daughter died of a brain tumor.  When she was fighting it, she wanted an Astromech, so they made one for her. They took an R2-D2 and painted all the panels pink."

The special android will make an appearance in the new Star Wars film.  Very cool!

Petty doesn't just cruise around in his Starfighter either, he is also part of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion.

"We do hospital visits.  We raise money for Make a Wish.  We raise money for Toys for Tots," he explained. "I've seen a kid that couldn't stand up.  He sees storm troopers and that kid can stand up all of a sudden.  You know, it's not a miracle, but it's just that kid is excited that he forgets about the pain.  That's really the great reward."

And if you want to reward yourself by seeing this stellar vehicle, it will be parked at the Alamo Drafthouse Thursday for the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

But don't expect to drive it.  R2-KT won't let you.

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