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Something in the Air: Cold Virus Spreading

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DALLAS -- Some people say North Texas has two seasons -- hot and cold! But look how beautiful this fall day is, minus the case that it seems like a whole heap of folks are falling down with a cold.

“What’s going on right now is actually the common cold known as an adenovirus,” Dr. James Pinckney, CEO and Founder of Diamond Luxury Healthcare said.

Dr. Pinckney just opened up another clinic in Frisco, TX.  “

“There’s hundreds of different variations of the common cold, but that’s what we’re seeing right now. That’s what I’m seeing in my office, in the emergency room. I’ve only seen two cases of flu, so far, this year. So, a lot of people are having fever, cough, congestion, runny nose, and it’s the common cold," he explained.

Some relief might already be in your kitchen cabinet, according to Dr. James, as his patients call him, “Rest, fluid, hot tea or lemon water, and that is the prescription. And actually, chicken noodle soup has been clinically proven to reduce the duration of the common cold.”

Docs say this time last year was peak time for the flu.

“This year, you know, we’ve actually seen less flu. In November, the CDC reported that we only had 1.9% of all patients going to see the doctor reporting flu-like illness.”

One thing to remember when it comes to avoiding the virus -- save face.

“Don’t touch your face. We touch our face on average, about 2,000 times a day. I want you guys to remember, antibiotics don’t work on viruses,” Dr. James explained.  “A lot of people will call the office and want antibiotics, but if it’s a common cold or a viral pharyngitis, then what you need to do is again, rest and fluids. But in order to prevent the common cold, hand hygiene is critical.”

Pinckney also encouraged people to see their doctor if they start to show symptoms. And if they have a fever, stay away from public places until 24 hours after the fever subsides.

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