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Chew on This: Ivy Kitchen in Addison

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ADDISON – The holidays are upon us and this time of year, there's nothing like a good hearty meal. That's why Ivy Kitchen's Chef Jason Hoffman is serving up seasonal specialties that are sure to get you in the spirit.

And it's pretty safe to say this chef's plating something for both the naughty and the nice.

For all you on the naughty list, there's the shrimp and rice.

"Something about that dish, paring a really rich creamy Cajun cream sauce with white rice, it's just classic,” Hoffman said.

As for the nice? Chew on This: Chef Hoffman is dishing out a classic beef stroganoff, and it's far from Hamburger Helper.

"A rich deep brown sauce with big wide noodles so it'll stick really well,” Hoffman said. "It's what you had when you were a kid with your parents."

Some other yummy starters and sides include the pimento cheese dip. If you're not careful, this one can fill you up before your meal.

And creamy sweet potatoes, with a special take on the sweet classic.

"I have a sweet tooth for sweet potatoes,” Hoffman said. "I like to use a lot of maple syrup in it. It keeps it from getting any kind of grit flavor that you get from trying to add brown sugar to it."

They taste as good as they look – trust.

Now, it ain't a holiday without dranks! And Ivy Kitchen is shaking it up with craft concoctions, like the Bootstrap Manhattan.

"A cocktail before dinner is always a great thing,” Hoffman said. “Loosens you up a little bit."

Classic comfort food and cocktails? Now, that's one thing that's surely on everyone's holiday wish list.

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