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Syrian Refugees Keeping Low Profile Amid “Islamophobia”

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DALLAS -- A hateful voicemail left for the DFW chapter of CAIR - the Council on American-Islamic Relations - last week is just a taste of the anti-Islamic climate that's been brewing the past few weeks.

"Being a Muslim living in America, it's definitely very tense times right now," said Omair Siddiqi, who works for CAIR.

We've seen that tension in the form of armed protests outside the Islamic Center of Irving -- and there have been two more protests planned for this weekend.

"We're just kinda getting bombarded from everywhere," Siddiqi said. "We've just gotta try to stay strong."

He says comments like Donald Trump's aren't helping matters, but puts most of the blame for Islamophobia on ISIS - which he says has no business even having "Islamic" in its name.

"What ISIS is doing, that doesn't even come close to what Islam is about," Siddiqi told NewsFix.  "In the Quran it says - in the holy book - it says that killing one person is as if you killed all of humanity."

Yeah, humanity's taken quite a hit in the last few weeks.

Just ask the family of six who just moved to Dallas from Syria.  They wanted to meet with the media today, to assure folks they're not a threat, but refugee organizations were afraid of a backlash.

Kind of ironic, isn't it?  After spending three years in a refugee camp, being vetted for our safety. Now that they're here, they've gotta be kept outta sight, for their safety.

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