Response Drama: Dallas PD Looking to Improve Emergency Response Times

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DALLAS - Chances are, if you're desperate enough to dial 911, it's a pretty urgent situation. Every minute counts. That's why there was a 911 situation Tuesday about how long it's taking Dallas PD to respond to emergency calls.

According to the latest crime report, it takes more than 8 minutes for Dallas cops to respond to a top priority 911 call, like shootings, domestic violence or crimes in progress. That's the longest response time since 2007. If high-level calls take that long, it's obviously worse for low-level calls.

So how does DPD's response compare to other DFW cities? Mansfield isn't much better at 7 minutes, Lewisville cops get there in 6 minutes, but it could be worse.

A nationwide comparison finds cities like Detroit have a response time of 9 minutes, while NYPD hits the 15-minute mark.

Ron Pinkston, President of the Dallas Police Association, says it takes 8 minutes to respond in Dallas because there aren't enough cops on the force. "When you don’t have enough boots on the ground, response times are going to up. It's easy math."

What’s more complicated is finding a solution to the problem that everyone will agree on.