Flooded with Reality: Dallas Cops Attempt Water Rescue in the Dark

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DALLAS--When we have beautiful weather like we're having now, it's hard to believe just a couple of weeks ago we were dealing with heavy rain and flooding.

It's bad enough to be caught in that kind of weather during the light of day. Some Dallas cops had to go on a water rescue in the dark of night.

"This water was deeper than anything I've seen before," Sr. Cpl. Daniel Jamieson said. "I've seen that area flood out before."

It was in Northwest Dallas, where the Elm Fork of the Trinity crosses Wildwood Drive. On the night of Saturday, November 28, the river was more like a lake.

The woman's car was mostly under water. The cops couldn't see anything.

"We made the decision that we would enter the water and attempt to see if we could locate her," Jamieson said.

They got some help from a dispatcher who was still on the phone with the woman.

"It's taking her focus off the situation," dispatcher Lashawn Proctor said. "Tell me what you see. Tell me what was the last thing you saw."

That's when they figured out they were on the south side of the crossing, but the water had pushed the woman to the north side.
That meant a race against time, back to highway 114, through Las Colinas and back down the other end of Wildwood.

"You're not really thinking," Jamieson said. "You're just trying to get to her."

Somehow, we're just gonna get out," Sr. Cpl. Raciel Hernandez said.

And they did. She's fine. All the cops are fine.

And we can all be glad this team is on our team.