Christmas Decoration Blinding Pilots

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DALLAS -  By now, most of you have done your part in the fun-filled tradition of hanging up your Christmas lights.

Well, maybe not.  With all the work it takes to make your home shine bright, you may rather spend the time sitting on your couch eating Christmas cookies.

Well, now there is a much easier solution for all you procrastinators out there. Christmas laser lights.  A new craze which takes minutes to install, decorating your home with thousands of lights, with none of the hard work your poor neighbor put in trying to win best decorated house.

Antonio Garcia with The Christmas Light Company, who decorates homes for the A-list in DFW, says don't waste your money.

"In reality, when you see it on TV it looks a lot better than they actually are when you do get them home. I definitely recommend the traditional LED lights over laser lights," Garcia said.

Meaning you ain't gonna win best decorated home in your neighborhood with laser lights.

But if you do choose the easy way and spray your house with these babies, be careful.

"People are aiming a little too high and it's going up in space," Garcia said.

Yeah, the same space planes occupy.

A pilot recently reported he was hit with a laser light that blinded him. Police found the source was a house in Garland with laser lights. The owner was stunned they were strong enough to disrupt a pilot trying to land.

So let's help all the pilots landing their planes and sleighs stay safe.

And keep this season bright.