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Two Arrests Made in Oak Lawn Attack; Local Businesses Relieved

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DALLAS—Recall those violent attacks targeted toward the LGBTQ community in Oak Lawn?

Well, cops might have a lead to who did it.

“Officers spoke to the victim who described having been robbed and assaulted at gunpoint by two black male suspects who then took her wallet and car keys and fled in her car,” Major Max Geron with the Crimes Against Persons Division said at a news conference Sunday.

Early Sunday, DPD was called to a parking garage on Medical District Drive

A little over an hour later, they saw the car in question in Oak Lawn.

“The officers followed that vehicle and conducted a felony stop at a convenience store in the 3700 block of Maple Avenue.  Both suspects were taken into custody at that location,” Geron added.

The duo turned out to be  2 18-year-olds, Deon Fridia and Donedwin Maxie.  They were charged with one count of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, a first-degree felony. Police said it happened all while they were looking for additional victims.

Monday, DPD surveillance cameras and cop cars dotted the area.

Almost a month ago, NewsFix talked to employees at Out of the Closet in Oak Lawn.  “Just scared.  We never know,” Cordero D. Hale, HIV testing counselor said at the time. "So we had to change up things we were doing to make sure we were okay and our customers are okay.  We won`t go out by ourselves.  It will be two of us together. It’s really awful.”

Now, they have a little peace of mind.

“I was actually happy that they caught 2 people,”  Terrance Ivy said.  “We work in this area. That gave us a real insight and a real joy about it. By us being in this area, working here all the time, we work with the people here all the time, so that's why it disrupted our minds a little bit,” Victoria Douglas said.

“The community is real great around here, the people are awesome around here. So for something bad like that to happen, it's kind of sad to see that in this world,” Ivy SAID.

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