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Syrian Refugees Headed to North Texas

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DALLAS— A Syrian family may or may have spent their first night in Texas Monday night. Reports said they were flying into north Texas and moving into a north Texas apartment complex. But everyone involved was keeping quiet about exactly when and where it was all going down. Who can blame them?

When it comes to getting into the U.S., Syrian refugees have been playing the waiting game. The state of Texas went to federal court to block the refugees coming in from war-torn Syria.

“When we see the dangers that were caused by Syrian Refugees in Paris, it is imperative that Texas do everything we can to insure that we don`t have  Syrian refugees sneak into the State of Texas who can pose a similar terroristic danger.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said last month.

Well, Texas has withdrawn its request for a temporary halt to the resettlement of refugees after the U.S. Justice department said Texas didn’t have the authority to act on national immigration policy. So now refugees have been given the green light to enter the Lone Star State.

It's gotta be tough on a family: being forced to leave one home for another where many people will be suspicious of them.

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