Toddler Smoking Weed Video Under Investigation in Chicago

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Chicago detectives are investigating a video that appears to a show a toddler smoking weed… as a man off camera coaches him to do it!

“Inhale it,” the man says, and the toddler takes two points from the blunt. He then says, “Let me hit that.”

Chicago anti-violence activist Andrew Holmes says a woman brought him the video. Holmes says she was reluctant to go to the police because she was worried about a lengthy interrogation, so  Holmes took it to investigators himself.

“This is sickening,” Holmes told WMAQ. “This child needs help ASAP if he hasn’t had help already. It’s disturbing to hear the adult that was in the background to let them hit it and they’re telling the child to inhale.”

Cops are now searching for the guy heard on camera encouraging the kid to smoke. When he’s caught, he faces serious charges, including child endangerment.