Higher Education: Now You Can Major in Weed

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SEATTLE -- Here's something for those who are, shall we say, passionate about pot. Turns out, there's a bonafide college course on cannabis.

No, seriously.

The Science of Cannabis Institute at the University of Washington offers a Cannabis Handler Certification course. You can even take the class online. Some consider it a leg up on the cannabis competition for those pursuing the "pot-fession."

And now that weed has become legal in some states, growing good Mary Jane isn't the only thing you need to know. A former student notes the class teaches stuff like weed history. For example, did you know Egyptians had a hieroglyphic for cannabis?

The student also mentions the class covers the many uses of pot, like how Queen Victoria got high to treat menstrual cramps. The course even breaks down the legal structure of the Washington State 502 Law.

And, if you puff, puff, pass the class, you'll receive a cannabis handler certification.

Now, that's what we call higher education!