Domestic Violence Campaign Under Fire For Photo-shopping Celebs

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LOS ANGELES, CA- A few high profile celebs are the new faces of a domestic violence ad. A roughed up Madonna, Kristen Stewart,  and Kim Kardashian, along with other stars' mugs, are circulating the net in an effort to raise awareness. But now, it looks like the creator behind these pics is taking a beating.

These images were reportedly posted without any of the A-listers permission.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Alexsandro Palombo

TMZ reports, the Kardashian camp was the first to claim the artist and activist Alexsandro Palombo did not have permission to use Kendall or Kim's photos for his project.

Palombo reportedly did the project to acknowledge 'International Day for Elimination of Violence.' He photo-shopped blood, scratches and black eyes on the celeb pics that were taken at last year's Valentino fashion show. But,  apparently this isn't the celebrity makeover these ladies wanted to star in.

Palombo is known for his disabled Disney princess' ad that promotes equal rights.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Alexsandro Palombo

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Alexsandro Palombo

But this time, did he go a little too far to prove his point? It's a good thing to raise awareness about domestic violence but it might not be a good idea to abuse someone's privacy to do so.