Active Shooter Training a Priority for N. Texas Police Departments

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GARLAND -- The mass shooting in San Bernardino is a wakeup call that tragedy can strike any place anytime, not that people in North Texas needed a reminder. It was only seven months ago that two gunmen attempted an attack at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland where a Draw a Prophet contest was taking place.

But unlike in San Bernardino, a Garland cop shot and killed the attackers before they had a chance to strike, preventing the loss of innocent lives. It wasn't just by chance, Lieutenant Pedro Barineau explains that Garland PD knew the event had the potential to provoke violence and prepared for the worst, “We train on a regular basis for active shooter situations; we also train for prevention situations, same circumstance that occurred on May 3rd.”

That's why in the wake of the San Bernardino attacks, there's a renewed focus on North Texas police departments to train for active shooter situations. Training like in Garland that can be the difference between a story about a massacre or a hero cop saving the day.

The hero cop in the Garland case doesn't want any credit, but thanks to him, May 3, 2015 is now a date associated with defeating terrorism.

Lieutenant Barineau says that the department is always trying to improve their response in situations like the Garland attack, “We stopped them from potentially killing numerous people. From that situation, we're always learning, and we're going to continue with that mindset so we can be better and better.”