Woman Gets Moldy Breast Implant Removed

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SHALIMAR, FL -- Anne Ziegenhorn says she lived with the implant for two years, which caused pain, vision loss, burning, sores, and cloudy thinking.

Ziegenhorn told WEAR News in Pensacola that she was repeatedly misdiagnosed until finally talking with Dr. Susan Kolb, Author of "The Naked Truth About Breast Implants."

The problem? Ziegenhorn says it was combination of silicone sickness and mold.

moldy breast implant

"Silicone sickness in and of itself is one entity. And then you add the mold to it that we had, and then you've got two illnesses going on," said Ziegenhorn.

Eventually she had the moldy implant removed, and is now working to get the word out about the potential risks of breast implants.

Dr. Kolb says a lot of women get mold in their implants because of defective valves and recommends women get their implants replaced every eight to 15 years.

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