Top Salvation Army Donations: What’s In Those Red Kettles?

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DALLAS- Have you ever wondered how much money people put in those red kettles every season? Well,  over the weekend an unidentified couple in Minnesota quietly dropped a $500,000 check into a Salvation Army bucket! But, The Salvation Army DFW hasn't quite cashed in on a donation that big!

"We do things big in Texas and so we've got to beat Minneapolis," Maj. Jonathan Rich with The Salvation Army DFW explained.

Rich also claims they've had their fair share of generous folks.

"Someone intentionally put in her wedding ring; her husband had just passed away and she put her own wedding ring and her husband's in the kettle with a note saying that we should donate to a young couple who's just getting married," Rich added.

But, there are some who don't actually intend to part with what ends up in the bucket.

"Sometimes, by accident, someone will throw their money in the kettle and their ring will just come off. I had a situation where one woman tried to stick her dollar in there and actually got her finger stuck!"

The Salvation Army DFW raised over $500,000 last year to support families in need. But, they're still looking out for that big one!