North Texas Non-Profit Dress Shop May Be Forced to Move

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NORTH RICHLAND HILLS -- When folks walk into the dress shop “We’re All About The Dress” in North Richland Hills, they all have the same reaction.

“They’re amazed! They can’t believe it. they come in and say, 'I didn’t know this nice,'” owner Janie Tillery-Wood said.

One thing that makes this place so nice -- is the price! Everything in here is completely free of charge to high school and college students.

“Well, I knew there were a lot of girls that couldn’t go to the proms and everything because they did not have the funds,” Wood explained.

In addition to prom dresses, this shop also gives free wedding dresses to military families. It was something Janie’s brother, a retired Navy Seal, asked her to do before he died in 2012.

“I think he’s up there looking down on us, and he’s so proud and so thankful we’re doing this for the military. We love doing this, we want to help everybody who needs our help,” Wood told NewsFix.

Well, now this little shop needs some help of their own.

"We were supposed to be out 30 days ago, but we haven’t found a place.”

Turns out, this popular non-profit store had a deal with the previous owner. They generated so much foot traffic for the surrounding stores, they didn't pay rent.

But now the new owners have asked them to move, and finding a rent-free spot to hang hundreds of dresses hasn’t been easy.

“When I come to unlock that door, I'm surprised every day it unlocks,” she said.

As long as it does, Janie will be here to help folks say yes to the dress!