NFL Owners’ Meetings Take Place in Las Colinas, Focus on LA

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LAS COLINAS -- On Wednesday, the owners of America's most avid obsession, NFL football, met in Las Colinas. Perhaps it's because only the State of Texas is big enough to hold the egos of people worth nearly $80 billion combined.

While the official votes for Wednesday’s owners meetings concerned legal tampering and being able to trade compensatory draft picks, the biggest item on the agenda was discussing the NFL's desire to return to Los Angeles.

The City of Angels has been without a team for almost 21 years. If everything goes well at this week's meetings, an actual date could be set for an official vote sometime next year which means the Rams, Chargers or Raiders might call Hollywood home sometime in the near future.

But Jerry Jones may have had other things on his mind as the season seems to keep getting worse for the Cowboys. Not only did Dallas choke against the Panthers on Thanksgiving but now a video has surfaced which shows event security briefly putting a Panthers fan, James Small, in a choke hold.

As of now it's not clear what led to this struggle. Either way, Small wants Arlington PD to investigate the matter so the owners' meetings may not be the only meetings in Jerry and company's future.