Buy This, Not That In December

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The holidays are here and even though retailers are gearing up to dole out the deals, there are actually certain things you should and shouldn’t be buying in December.

What you should buy

Of course, now's the time to buy toys. However, if you can hold off a couple weeks, the Christmas deals on toys will really pick up mid-December.

Even though black Friday is over, December is still a good time to snag a TV. Kitchen items and tools are typically marked down this month too.

When it comes to other celebrations, like weddings, you may be in luck with the dress. Not too many people are looking to have a winter wedding, so it’s easier to find the perfect dress with the perfect price.

With the year almost over, some sellers will take their homes off the market for the holidays. Those that don’t are more motivated to get that house sold.

Also, if you're in the market for a new ride, car dealers want to pad this year's sales and make deals happen before the new year.

What not to buy

If you can hold off, stay away from jewelry.  Retailers know lots of people will be buying bling for their loved ones, so they aren’t in a hurry to slash prices.  Same thing with winter gear. Expect to pay full price for seasonal clothing.

Except for TVs, you may be out of luck on electronics.  Cameras, printers, computers, tablets, and other stuff you plug in the wall won’t be at their cheapest until after Christmas in January.

However if you see a good deal now, go for it. Things are only going to get more hairy towards the end of the month.