Black Friday Breaks Record for Gun Background Checks

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FORT WORTH -- With more and more shootings, folks are buying more and more guns. Black Friday broke the record, and it might not be a coincidence. It was the same day as the mass shooting in Colorado Springs.

"There's been a real scare lately that I've noticed with customers coming in with everything that's going on in the world," said Steve Harless, General Manager at the Fort Worth Gun Emporium. "Shootings around the country and they want to start arming themselves."

According to the FBI, 185,345 background checks for firearms were processed on Black Friday.  Yep, that's in a single day.

"We had about a 50% increase in sales on that day," Harless explained.

Business is booming and customers aren't aiming for AR-15s.

Harless said, "Personal defense handguns for Christmas, gifts for loved ones."

And Texas is likely to be #1 when it comes to gun sales this season.

"Open carry is getting ready to open up as of January 1," Harless said." A lot of people are talking about open carry."

Hey, if you missed out on a chance for a deal on Black Friday, no worries. Fort Worth Gun Emporium is continuing their sale all the way through December 23.

"Ten percent off all guns in stock and 15% off all ammo and accessories."

With what's just happened in California, more people may take them up on their deal.