97-Year-Old Fort Worth Woman Still Working at Braum’s

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- For 97-year-old Eloise Ketchum, taking it easy isn't part of her vocabulary.

The mother of three, grandmother of two, and great-grandmother of five has tried retiring twice in the past -- first from Tarrant County Community College, then McDonald's.

But it just didn't stick.

"It keeps you happy, it keeps you active, it keeps your mind active. I advise everyone to find something after they retire," Eloise said.

For Eloise, happiness comes from clocking in and greeting her customers, five days a week, at Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Store on University Boulevard in Fort Worth.

"She's my hero. I admire her greatly. My husband asks me when I intend to retire and I tell him the day I die. I would love to be Eloise," said customer Kandie Cotten Hillen.

Questions about her age are common, but Eloise doesn't consider them rude, "It doesn't bother me because each year has been a great year."

And it's not just her health and work ethic that inspires people at the store.

"Well, I love her hair," Eloise's manager Rhonda Siver said while laughing.

Eloise proves that  some things just get better with age.

"We try to keep her at the register, just taking care of the customers there," Siver said. "But she goes through the store and checks all the expiration dates and finds things that we miss."

Just don't expect Eloise to retire anytime soon.

"Not until I get old enough," Eloise said.