Virgin America Boots Attorney From Flight Home to Dallas

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NEW YORK, NY -- When Bobby Abtahi showed up at LaGuardia Airport Monday, he had no way of knowing his trip home to Dallas would turn into such a headache.

His tweets told the story.  In short?  A Virgin American crew didn't 'feel comfortable' allowing Abtahi on the flight.

Which raised plenty of eyebrows - was this Dallas attorney profiled for being Iranian-American?

Well, as the story goes, he'd shared a revolving door with a female crew member on the way into the airport, and apparently that's what led to the 'discomfort.'  He was told he'd 'cut her off.'

Next thing he knew, he wasn't allowed to board!  He tweeted that he was "Still waiting for [Ashton Kutcher] to show up."

But he wasn't being "Punk'd," and he wasn't allowed on the Virgin flight, either.

He finally did get on a plane. "We're happy to have you," American Airlines tweeted.

Reps from Virgin chalked the whole thing up to a "misunderstanding," saying Abtahi's experience "was not representative of the guest service for which we are known."

Abtahi himself didn't want to talk on camera, but told NewsFix in an email:  "As far as I am concerned the situation is over.  Virgin America has apologized for their mistake and that is good enough for me. It was an extremely bizarre situation from start to finish and I`m glad to be home in Dallas."

Virgin's apology included two complimentary tickets on a future flight, which he decided to donate to the Human Rights Initiative - an organization that provides legal help to refugees.

Here's hoping Virgin isn't profiling passengers--so they don't have to offer another apology when these tickets are used.

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