City Of Dallas To Clean Up Illegal Dumping

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When it comes to getting rid of trash, folks have been dumping on Dallas.

“People have been using our streets, using our vacant lots, using residential property as dumping sites, and that has to stop," Dallas Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Erik Wilson said.

The city says nearly 755,000 pounds of trash gets dumped every year. One of the biggest dumping grounds is on Dowdy Ferry Road.

“It’s a rural area. Not much is around it. It’s very secluded, but the City of Dallas has been trying to mitigate that in this area,” Wilson said.

Dumping in big D could lead to a $2,000 fine, but it's not just tires and old water bottles that are messing with Texas. Jeremy Boss is shooting a documentary on people dumping dead dogs in this neck of the woods.

“We’ve found at least 80 to 100 dogs since we’ve been shooting,” Boss said

The city has started arresting suspects for dumping dead animals. While Jeremy is happy the problem is finally getting attention, he's more concerned about how the animals got there.

“My concern is animal cruelty. The dumping would be my next concern, later on, but right now my concern is what happened to those dogs before they got in the bag,” Boss said.

If you see someone illegally dumping, the city urges folks you call 311 and report it and help clean up the streets.

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