OMG, What’s Next? Condom Challenge is the New Online Craze

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DALLAS — They’ve snorted coke, then plumped their lips, and some even set themselves on fire! Now, social teens are cooling off with the #CondomChallenge.

Parents,ย it’s not as bad as you think. But it’s not safe either. Teens are filling brand new condoms with water and dropping it on top of a willing participants head.

This is a time where you would actually want the condom to bust… to prevent any potential drowning or choking hazards!

And, let’s be clear, this particular “challenge” does not pay homage to the Ice Bucket Challenge.That actually raised money for a good cause and had a less risk of death.

Teens may have found a new way to put those rubbers to use,ย but we can’t say they’re using their condom sense either.

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