Beards Are Back for No Shave November

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Beards should be washed regularly with soap and water.

Beards should be washed regularly with soap and water. (File Photo)

Hartford, CT. — No Shave November has men everywhere sporting facial hair in the name of health awareness.

“What really needs to happen is men need to have a discussion with their doctors,” said Dr. Joseph Wagner, who is a urologist.

All the facial hair being seen now got many wonderin, ‘What else is in there?!’

WFSB experimented and swabbed some beards. Some of the men didn’t want to know the results, but two were curious enough to ask for the results.

Among all five beard samples, the bacteria count was in the thousands, and slightly more concerning was coliform was found in one of the samples — that’s the same bacteria found in fecal matter.

Northeast Laboratories Lab Director Alan Johnson said he wasn’t all that surprised to see it because most of that bacteria is likely coming from your hands.

“Hand contact. Rubbing your beard. You’re transferring (and) your hands tend to pick up everything,” Johnson said.

Johnson said even if men wash their beards every day, that doesn’t necessarily get rid of the bacteria.

“Hair is basically very difficult to sterilize, sanitize,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the numbers in this report typically aren’t high enough to make someone sick, but men with beards should wash them regularly with soap and hot water.

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