5 Things to Know For Your Wednesday, November 25

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chicago protest

  1. Chicago Protests

Controlled anger: Chicago officials were bracing for turmoil overnight, and for good reason: Newly released video showed police officer Jason Van Dyke unloading a barrage of bullets into 17-year-old Laquan McDonald — even after the teen was already on the ground. But the protests were peaceful. And Van Dyke is now sitting in jail facing a first-degree murder charge.


2. Paris Attacks

Close call: Turns out, the deadly terror attacks could have been even worse. The Paris prosecutor said the suspected ringleader of the November 13 attacks and another man were planning a suicide attack on the Parisian financial district just a few days after terrorists killed 130 people across the city. But the plan was derailed — the two men died in a police raid. Meanwhile, Belgian authorities are looking for a new suspect: Mohamed Abrini, who allegedly drove one of the terrorists the day of the attacks.

3. Downed Warplane

War of words: Turkey says a Russian warplane violated its airspace (repeatedly) so it shot the plane down. Russia says its jet was over Syria, and how dare Turkey attack it? We don’t even really know what happened to the two pilots. Russia said it believes one of the pilots died and the other is safe, but Turkmen rebels claimed they shot both to death as they parachuted to the ground.

Turkey Russia CNN

4. Stedman Bailey

Mysterious circumstances: St. Louis Rams player Stedman Bailey has been hospitalized in critical but stable condition, his team said. And that’s pretty much all they’ve said. But others say the wide receiver was shot in the head in South Florida. Bailey is actually suspended from the Rams right now for a substance abuse violation, but is eligible to come back next month.

5. Racism Study

Going backward? About 49% of Americans said they believe racism is “a big problem” today. That’s more than the 41% who thought so back in 1995, according to a new CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Ouch. And even though millennials have a reputation for inclusiveness, young white Americans’ friends are not very multicultural.




Breakfast Browse

Crikey, what a dance!
No doubt her dad would be proud. Seventeen-year-old Bindi Irwin won “Dancing with the Stars” last night with an emotional freestyle — and probably could get a contract with Kleenex after bringing everyone to tears.

‘Say my name, say my name’
UFC champ Holly Holm is really polite when she’s not pummeling someone’s head into a bloody mess. When she met Jay-Z over the weekend, he introduced her to his wife — to whom Holm said, “Oh, hi, what’s your name?” Cringe. A mortified Holm later apologized to Beyonce, who took it in stride and didn’t start a fight.

48 mcnuggets.jpg

Still hungry after 24 McNuggets?
Try 48! Some McDonald’s restaurants in Japan are unleashing 48-piece Chicken McNuggets served in giant McBuckets. And you thought Americans ate too much fast food …

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