Laser Armor Aviator Glasses Combat Laser Pointer Strikes

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BEDFORD --  Well, it looks like folks with laser pointers aren`t getting the message.

Sunday night, eight laser strikes happened at Love Field Airport -- all while pilots were preparing to land.

The strikes happened about four miles from the north end of the airport; seven of them struck Southwest airliners filled with passengers, one was aimed at a private jet.

So far, no crash has been blamed on a laser strike, but concern about the deadly danger is growing.

Night Flight Concepts says it's got a solution to combat laser pointers -- the Laser Armor Aviator Glasses.

"What we did was develop night vision laser protection glasses that primarily block the two most intense lasers that are striking aircraft right now," Night Flight Concepts Vice President David Luke said. "The blue and the green. They seem to have the most intensity over the longest distance."

And that blocks 99.5% of the green and 97% of the blue lasers, which for pilots is priceless.

"They're $175. With each set of laser protection glasses that you get, you get a laser defense training program. What it does is give you a little bit more in-depth training on identification of lasers. It gives you a process and procedure on how you can maneuver the aircraft to provide safety to yourself," Luke said.

Hey, once the idiots playing Russian roulette with people's lives get arrested, convicted, and sent to prison for 20 years, maybe this troubling trend will burn out.

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