Team iZombie: CW 33 Competes in 3rd Annual Chilanthropy

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DALLAS- Willing bodies came with empty bellies, ready to chow down on CW 33's iZombie Chili! Your Newsfix crew of chef's threw-down for the crown at the 3rd Annual Chilanthropy.

The charitable cook-off serves the community by benefiting the Dream Fund. A charity that supports media individuals that has suffered a loss or are having a hard time. Taste testers also donated canned goods to the North Texas Food Bank for free entry to the chilling competition.

No, There weren't any brains on the menu-- but the iZombie Undead Team whipped up a recipe to die for!

"Our chili is a is a very good mix of several different meats, we tried to mix it up it's very spicy it has a little deer meat in it," team member Jaci Mccollum explained.

Now that's what you call chili with a kick! Or in this case... a killer cuisine!


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